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"Miss Margeaux is doing fantastic. So far she's the best puppy I've had! She's well loved by all that meet her. Margeaux is the perfect mix of cuddly and playful."  R.C.

F1 Labradoodle Murphy

F1 Labradoodle Murphy

"Murphy is doing great!  He's getting the hang of potty training and had a perfect vet visit!  He's so sweet!"  A.K.

"Moses is so good.....He already understands he needs to sit before we give him his food bowl.  He loves to play and cuddle.  Whenever we take him with us he just falls right to sleep in the truck.  Loves being around people.  Great dog.  We are so excited to have him." K.D.

"We adore our Winnie Cooper! She is our best friend." J.C. and M.C.

"Mia has been an awesome puppy so far.  She seems to be extremely smart." K.D.

"Just wanted to send you a quick update and let you know that Remi is doing great!  She is a wonderful though very spunky addition to our family....Thank you for letting us adopt her from you!" T.B. and K.B.

"Hello! Just wanted to send a picture of Arlington. He's such a goofball but we love him!
Also B. and I are interested in a chocolate labradoodle or goldendoodle if you have one in the next litter. Hope all is well with you and your family:) Thank you! B.B.

teddy f1b

"We thought of sending you this picture of Teddy on his birthday today June 6.  He is a great dog full of energy and we feel he really loves life.  He has been easy to train...he is near perfect at most of the basic commands.  D. had him house trained in no time at all. Teddy loves playing ball with someone or by himself.  He is 70 lbs."  H.R.

chicago illinois indianapolis indiana f1b

"Clyde is now 24 pounds on his second vet visit since we've adopted him.  He's doing great.  Easily trainable, good buds with our other doodle Scout and soooo handsome!!" L.W.


"Hi Tom & Tab, I’m sorry I haven’t sent pictures of Aslani until now (& this shot of her doesn’t do her justice :)). She’s so adorable! She’s doing great! She’s smart, fun, affectionate, & is doing fantastic with housetraining! We love her!" D.F.


"Mia now weighs 18.6 pounds and is doing amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better puppy!" L.H.

teddy f1b male

"Here is a Christmas picture of Teddy at 18 months. He is the love of our lives and the best dog we’ve ever had." H.R.

“We have one of your pups (labradoodle born 6/6/16) in our house and are interested in adding another….We love Penny. She is such a well tempered dog and absolutely makes our family happy.” S.G.

“We absolutely love our Remi and Izzy from Michiana Doodles! Without a little self control I would have a house full of doodle dogs.” K.S-B.

“My grand-puppy Tenny…is black like on of these pups. He is a beautiful and so smart. He’s a great dog!

Stan the Man

“Hello! Hope you all are doing well. Just wanted to send a little update on our puppy. We LOVE him and are so happy. He’s growing FAST and is up to 20 lbs already! Healthy and loves all the food. He’s a cutie and a bit of a troublemaker :) Thanks again for all your help and care of him! “ L.H.